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JooJoo jumps on the Android train for Fusion Garage’s next tablet

October 26, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



One would think that Fusion Garage might still be licking its wounds after a soap-opera launch story of its universally-panned JooJoo tablet. But the company behind the product that was going to be called the Crunchpad – and is still wrapped up in legal drama because of it – is planning on regrouping and delivering an Android version of its tablet next year.

Gizmodo reports that Fusion Garage will release an Android-based tablet next year. The company are in talks with Google to gain Google Mobile apps and Android Market support, but comments relayed to Gizmodo make it unlikely that the company will be granted permission to offer those services. That won’t stop FG from releasing a new Android tablet, however. After all, this is a company that released a device with a beta version of Flash 10.1 that Adobe was quick to point out was unfinished.

Among other things, the JooJoo 2 would condense messaging services from Gmail, Facebook, and other sources into one interface. There are already several apps that do this, but Fusion Garage plans to optimize the communication experience for the tablet. Let’s hope they do better than the original JooJoo, which had poor critical and consumer ratings.