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Google TV will launch with several apps and features; which has you most excited?

October 5, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Google TV


Logitech will unveil its Revue set-top box tomorrow, and Sony will announce a television integrated with Google TV next week. Google has launched a preview site in anticipation of these pending launches, giving consumers an early tour of what to expect in its new media search service.

Google first promised GoogleTV at its I/O conference in May, and we should have a decent understanding of the product tomorrow. Head over to right now and take the guided tour that shows what happens when the television meets the search engine. Here’s what has me most excited:

Chrome – Google TV includes a web browser built into the system. WebTV was a failure, so this could just as easily be looked over. However, I know there will be times when I’d like to see something on the web cover the whole screen.

Netflix & Amazon – Do I even need to explain this one? Why wouldn’t I love having access to my Netflix streaming libraries? I was going to appropriate an old PC as a media center in my living room, but there’s no need now. The presence of Amazon VOD makes it that much sweeter. Hulu Plus, where are you?

Remote - Your phone is a remote. Boom goes the dynamite.

Those are three things that have me most excited about Google TV. I’ll be getting a Logitech Revue and hopefully I won’t have to cast it aside if this proves to be as big a letdown as other products with the dreaded “Game-changer” tag.