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Google and PayPal deal may be in the works for Android Market payment [Rumor]

October 6, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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It appears that later this month Google and PayPal may finalize a deal that will bring PayPal payments to the Android Market. According to “The Street”, PayPal may make an announcement during their October 26th developers’ conference in San Fran.

The article points out that payments on the Android Market right now are considered to be a “pain point” and may actually put up a small barrier for consumers to purchase apps. By using PayPal’s payment process (signing in with your PayPal email address) developers could enjoy increased revenues because of the lower barrier to purchase applications. If you have been a Android user for any amount of time you may have noticed that the checkout process or authorization for you app purchases have been held up in some way, sometimes for several days.

I don’t think that the current pay process using Google Checkout is terrible, as long as you don’t encounter the authorization issue that I mentioned. But adding PayPal to the Market will definitely improve developer revenues as many consumers have PayPal and the process may be a tad easier.

As of this posting Google hasn’t commented on the agreement or what would happen to Google Checkout on the Android Market if PayPal were included. This does seem like bad news for the Google Checkout product as the Android Market is one of the only places that it is heavily used, but if it means consumers will have an easier time purchasing apps, then so be it.

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