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Fring lets Androids share thoughts for only a penny

October 5, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Fring thinks it’s time that Android users dump those overpriced calling cards – and that other “PC Calling Company” that charges more for its services.

The VoIP calling service from Fring called fringOut costs only 1 cent per minute. That penny will enable anyone to call a landline or mobile phone, over 3G or WiFi, without using up any of his or her monthly minutes. In comparison to Skype PC calling users are able only to use it on Wi-Fi in the United States, use monthly minutes, and pay a surcharge or connection fee.

Using the service requires users to download the latest version of Fring. The company promises that “you can continue to enjoy completely FREE video calls, calls, live chat and more to fellow fringsters and other internet friends. And, yeah, you can also choose to call with SIP.” The paid fringOut service will likely appeal to people looking for an easier way to make cheap international calls to non-Fringsters.

Skype has built a much larger brand and finally has released its Android app to non-Verizon users, so it has an obvious advantage over Fring. But penny-a-minute calls gives the little guy a fighting chance among users who vote with their wallets.

[Fring] Thanks, Gunnar