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Firefox for Android now in beta

October 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Mozilla Foundation has renamed Fennec so that its mobile browser will share a name with the desktop version. Mozilla has also announced that Firefox for Android has graduated from alpha to beta status, making it one step closer to a final release.

We provided a video tour of Firefox back when it was still Fennec, and even in Alpha, we were impressed by its potential. Integration with the desktop and the ability to run add-ons were the main draws, but there was much to do in terms of speed, stability, and size. Mozilla has made some strides in improving the performance and is now willing to share that progress with the world.

Head over to the Mozilla page from your phone and download the app. Or you can download from your desktop and follow our tutorial for how to install non-market apps.

For a general idea of how Firefox for Android looks, be sure to enter the time machine and watch our walkthrough. Then you can compare that experience to the beta version and see how far the browser alternative has come.