Android Apps Alert #35: No clever theme edition

October 3, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android Market has thousands upon thousands of apps. So many thousands of Android apps that users are constantly searching for new ways to discover and enjoy their apps.

The best part of it all? Those tens of thousands of apps just opened up to millions of potential new users because Google has finally opened paid applications to about 20 new countries. Now those readers will be able to access many of the apps we frequently mention.

Each week, reviews the new apps that emerged this week and delivers a few recommendations offered in the #androidapps tag on Twitter. Below is a collection of such recommendations. And though we cannot take the time to create a separate article highlighting the best new paid apps, here’s a bonus AppBrain list with some suggestions.

Feint Game Spotlight

AuroraFeint has done quite a bit of work behind the scenes to get better games on the Android platform. We covered that in a feature article early last week, but I wanted to take the time to highlight the OpenFeint app. OpenFeint Spotlight highlights all of the apps that take advantage of the leaderboards, score tracking, and multiplayer support enabled by OpenFeint. Download this app as a gateway to seeing other apps you can find that take advantage of the social gaming platform, which will be especially useful once the company expands to more titles later this year.

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Brightness Rocker Lite

Adjusting Brightness is available through a variety of shortcuts or by going to the settings page. But it never hurts to be able to perform a task with as few steps as possible, so use this app that makes it a two-step process. Brightness Rocker lets users tap the Volume Up/Down button to bring up a brightness slider and increase or decrease brightness. The app doesn’t replace the volume function, just uses that button as a shortcut. This means you can access it from any app, so you can adjust settings without having to go home.

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We try to keep you up-to-date on the news; but our scope is limited to Android, not the happenings of the Dow and companies not directly involved in the droid world. For that, you’ll want to turn to Bloomberg, the official app from popular Bloomberg News. There you’ll find news articles, market data, portfolio tracking in “My Stocks” section, and search company information with Stock Finder. You may find Google Finance to better for this sort of thing, but this app will be useful for the news factor.

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GMail Label Widget

I’ll keep this explanation short and sweet – just like the app. This home screen widget will display the unread count of a specific label. This will be great for people who create auto-filters and only care when a specific label has new messages. Sadly, there’s no support for the Priority Inbox “Important” label yet.

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Voice Choice Free

Earlier this week, we showed a great app that automatically set the phone to use Google Voice based on area code or contact group. A pretty cool dude named John Gilbert suggests Voice Choice, an app that does the same by contact. So, if you only have 3-10 people that you specifically want to target without setting up a new group, Voice Choice allows you to select specific contacts or numbers and always identifies the call through your Google Voice number. If you love it enough, throw the dev a bone and buy the Donate version for $4.99.
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