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Amazon’s own Android app store now confirmed

October 8, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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A few weeks ago a rumor started that was going to build its own Android app store, just like Verizon, and that rumor has now been confirmed to be true via a document Amazon sent out to potential developers. It’s still unclear what the new Android exclusive application store will be called and when it will arrive, but Engadget suggests that Amazon will have its new digital endeavor ready for the holiday season.

Amazon — America’s largest online retailer, will apparently require software to be run through a “App Packaging Tool” before it can be submitted to the store. According to Amazon, it will “ensure that the apps will install properly on customers’ devices and… enable the digital rights management (DRM) policies outlined in the developer agreement.” DRM is optional, and developers may freely decide whether to enable it or not. Developers can also submit demo videos that will be displayed next to their apps – a welcome feature that the Android Market currently does not have.

Amazon won’t allow “offensive content” to be published in its store, and the company will have final say on the matter, thus leaving the door open for some iOS App Store censorship. What do you think about yet another app market for Android? Is it a nice addition that will benefit the Android ecosystem, or are multiple app stores just one more way of fragmenting the platform?

Amazon’s own Android app store now confirmed

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