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According to Nielsen new smartphone buyers are going for Android

October 5, 2010 | by Chris Smith


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I always love new charts and graphs that show off the love and overwhelming dominance of the Android platform. Nielsen today reported that according to last 6 months of data (10 months shown in charts), Android is the most popular smartphone amongst new smartphone buyers. This means that when people go out to purchase their first smartphone, they tend to pick an Android above all others.

The Nielsen report also shows that BlackBerry and iPhone are in “dead heat” for second place as BlackBerry’s new user demand has plummeted almost 10 points in the past two months. This is most likely due to the onslaught of high-end Android phones available on all carriers and BlackBerry not innovating as much as Android. When it comes to iPhone numbers I have a feeling that the iPhone is starting to “top-out”; there are many new consumers entering the smartphone  market in the US and many are not willing to move to another carrier (AT&T) for a phone. They instead avoid switching costs (time, energy, money,  etc.)  and purchase something that is comparable on their current provider which happens to be an Android phone rather than a BlackBerry. Also, remember that the Nielsen report covers a full month of iPhone 4 availability.

And of course there are geeks like us who scoff at the idea of a locked-down iPhone and go for some open-source goodness.

The interesting data will be gathered if and when iPhone availability opens to other US carriers. In the time being it looks like Android phones will win over new customers and with that comes more development of apps for those consumers.

Source [NielsenWire]

Nielsen shows that Android is the top choice for new smartphone buyers

Nielsen shows that Android is the top choice for new smartphone buyers