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Texdro lets you send text messages with your phone via your computer

September 18, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Texdro - Desktop SMS

If you tend to send a lot of text messages, you might have contemplated that it often would be much easier to type and send these messages from your computer instead. Even with intuitive predications, hardware QWERTYs, spell corrections, word completions, T9 and Swype, it’s still faster and more convenient to type with a full-size keyboard than with a phone – especially if you’re already sitting in front of your computer.

An app that lets you send and receive text messages on your PC is Texdro. The utility enables you to get notifications on your computer, sort of like an instant messenger, when you receive an SMS on your phone. You can then reply to the message and view conversations directly from your computer.

Texdro consists of two free apps: one for your phone, and one for your computer. The desktop application is platform independent, and it’s using your Wi-Fi connection (network traffic is encrypted) to work its magic. There’s a Pro version of the desktop app for $2.99 with additional features, such as support for USB and Bluetooth connections. Should you want to give Texdro a try and start texting to your heart’s content, follow the links below.

Install this app

Download desktop app

If you feel like taking desktop notifications and Android <-> PC communication one step further, you should really check out these two projects as well: Droid2Desk and Android Notifier.

Via [Swedroid]