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TalkMyPhone: get phone notifications on your desktop via Google Talk

September 24, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Lately there have been several different solutions for re-routing Android notifications from your phone to your desktop computer using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and two apps: one for your handset and one for your PC. TalkMyPhone is a tool that takes a different and clever approach to the same task by simply letting Google Talk act as the desktop software.

It works like this: install TalkMyPhone on your device from the Android Market. Tell the app which Gmail address to notify, namely the one you use with Google Talk on your desktop. You have to enter your Gmail password as well – something many users rather not do, but it seems highly unlikely that the app has a hidden agenda, especially since it’s open-source and the code is available for download.

TalkMyPhone then notifies you of events on your phone by connecting to Jabber and sending messages to Google Talk: in other words, it will appear as if you’re receiving messages from yourself. You may also use Google Talk as a remote control for your phone by replying to the notifications with various commands.  However, one problem with this method is that GTalk understandably doesn’t let you have conversations with yourself. Because of this, it’s better to use a chat client like Pidgin instead of Google Talk: just add yourself to your contacts.

TalkMyPhone can forward incoming text messages, notify you of incoming calls and current battery levels. You may also reply to text messages straight from your desktop, send new ones and read the last five messages from a specific contact. Furthermore, there are commands for making your handset ring in case you’ve misplaced it, localizing it on Google Maps, copy text to the keyboard and open web links.

One benefit with TalkMyPhone is that you don’t need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled since it can use any connection. Some commenters appear to have problems getting the app to work, so your mileage may vary, but other users seem mildly ecstatic. Head to the Market if you want to give the app a try yourself.

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Via [xda-developers]