Survey shows one in four Americans want Android tablets

September 22, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Google Android, Tablets


With the coming of the Galaxy Tab and possible releases of a number of Android tablets at the end of the year, the question still remains: do most consumers really want or need a tablet device? We have seen the success of the iPad but have yet to see anything really go up against it, Android or otherwise. It’s a bit hard to judge sometimes what “real consumers” in the market place want as opposed to us Android fanboys, but a recent Zogby pole may clear some of this up.

As the headline suggests, a Zogby survey by Sybase shows that 1 in 4 Americans think Android tablets are desirable. The study was conducted with 2,100 adults being surveyed. The study also produced some other surprising results like 1 in 4 Americans saying that they could see themselves replacing their current laptops with tablet especially if they have a good selection of features and apps. Around 13% of non-Android users were interested in purchasing an Android tablet which shows that this market is still wide open. Also, the ideal size of tablet that consumers were looking for was around 9″ – 10″. Wonder where they got that size from? 

Anyways, the study is interesting especially because of the high percentage of people that are interested in Android tablets specifically. This suggests that there will be some demand for these tablets when they hit the market; that manufacturers aren’t really going to “lose their shirts” over creating a one-off Android tablet here and there. The study also suggests that this market is still blossoming and the opportunity to create a tablet that is highly desirable by consumers is extremely high. It’s nice to see in an iPad dominated tablet market people are still thinking about Android and that the market still has plenty of room for competition.