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Sony Ericsson wants to be #1 in Android, claims 17% of market

September 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android based Sony Ericsson handsets will take "some time"

The latest entry into the “WTF? Files” comes courtesy of Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg. At an event in Beijing today, Nordberg said that his company aims to be the top supplier of Android phones.

There’s nothing wrong with that; any leader should want his company to top the industry. The portion of Nordberg’s statement that is WTF-inducing is the claim that Sony enjoys a 17 percent share of the Android phone market. I’m rather surprised that it would claim a number so high given that it relies primarily on the success of the Xperia X10. How did SE manage to grab 17 percent with Motorola offering so many form factors and HTC getting a jump on the competition with its many popular phones?

Nordberg says that the current leader of Android products has a 23 percent share of the Android Market. He declined to name the company, but one would have to assume that Motorola, HTC, or perhaps both, is ahead of Nordberg’s aspirations towards dominance.

Whatever the case, best of luck to you, Bert.

P.S. The road to the top includes a faster update schedule, so you might want to work on speeding up the Timescape port process to newer versions of Android.That rumored gaming device wouldn’t hurt either.

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