SmartShortcuts makes a smarter, more organized home screen [App Reviews]

September 14, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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An Android home screen can become so packed that users often have to turn to folders to organize the jumbled screen. However, there’s a better way to gain control of your phone and organize the many items that populate it.

SmartShortcuts is an app that organizes shortcuts according to labels. Rather than have an entire screen dedicated to photo apps, it creates a “Photo” label that provides easy access to the Camera, Camcorder, Gallery, and Vignette. The app functions similar to folders, except SmartShortcuts also offers the option to use in-app icons or images from an icon pack, making identifying groups easier.

Tapping a label will bring up a list of apps, and clicking the star icon will make it possible only to display the most popular.

Apps Organizer, App Categories, and several other apps offer similar functions, but SmartShortcuts is useful because it’s free and doesn’t display ads on the home screen. It also offers great icons, opens quickly, and creates shortcuts for bookmark labels, contact labels, or recent/frequent contacts.


  • Create home screen shortcuts for apps, bookmarks, and contacts
  • Organize shortcuts according to label
  • Choose icons from app or icon pack

App: SmartShortcuts

Price: Free

Website: RHMSoft

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