Skype Mobile still doesn’t allow Wi-Fi calling, just calls while on Wi-Fi

September 2, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



The title may seem a little confusing, but bear/bare/Bayer with me for a second. Some users were excited to discover that the Verizon-only Skype Mobile application allowed them to use the app on Wi-Fi. Skype previously would not work when a Wi-Fi connection was detected, but an update to the app late last night made it seem as if things had changed.

However, Phil over at AndroidCentral has called “Shenanigans!” on the update because it doesn’t actually support Wi-Fi calling. Skype Mobile still requires that users have a 3G connection to Verizon Wireless and continue to use their monthly data. When he attempted to make calls on non-activated Verizon phones through Wi-Fi, Skype would “freak out” and not work.

Sure enough, the Market listing has been updated to show that “Wifi runs while app is on 3G” instead of the previously listed “Simultaneous” 3G and Wifi use. So in the end, users don’t get Wi-Fi calling through Skype. However, they are finally able to use Skype while Wi-Fi is on.