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Samsung Epic 4G getting Media Hub, bug fixes in OTA update

September 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



The Samsung Epic 4G will get an update to version DI07 shortly. The over the air update, initiated through settings or a notification, will provide some bug fixes and the ability to run the Samsung Media Hub expected to be unveiled tonight.

There are some useful fixes like improved running of the 3G Hotspot mode to conserve battery and use 32GB microSD cards that were formatted within the device. However, the feature that users will most care about is Media Hub, Samsung’s upcoming content distribution tool. Hub is expected to deliver eBooks, music, and videos compatible with mobile devices. The upcoming Samsung tablet is ideal for such material, but the Epic 4G’s pretty but sizeable 4-inch screen should be able to handle it.

Be sure to follow on Twitter tonight as we live tweet from the Samsung unveiling in New York City. Here’s the full list of updates found in the Epic. Hit the source link for directions on how check for the update.

Source: Samsung

via AndroidCentral

DI07 Update Details

Please see the list below for details of some changes found in the DI07 update.

  • Optimized, HotSpot in 3G idle mode to help conserve battery power
  • Optimized, Applied Qualcomm patch for performance enhancement
  • Added, Media Hub
  • Modified, WiMAX exit delay
  • Modified, UI “Noisey” One to “Noisy One”
  • Fixed, 32GB mSD card is not recongized when formatted in device
  • Fixed, When playing video, the playback is paused if a headset is connected/disconnected
  • Fixed, Sorry popup when DRM file is selected in the Gallery
  • Fixed, Hotspot registration/deregistration