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Rumor: Internal T-Mobile document details myTouch HD, front-facing camera and dual-core CPU

September 13, 2010 | by Chris Smith

HTC, T-Mobile


It looks like T-Mobile is going to be getting some awesome new hardware this fall with the G2 and the new myTouch HD. We have heard rumors of what the myTouch HD will include but a recent leaked internal T-Mobile document gives us some more details.

According to the document the MTHD will include a front-facing camera that is not only capable of chatting with other users that have Qik installed on their phone, but also with any Yahoo Messenger users. This means that video calls from PC to phone and phone to PC may be a go. Also, the document mentions a 1Ghz “Dual” processor is on board. We aren’t exactly sure which processor that HTC is going to choose for MTHD, but it may just be some of the new dual-core Snapdragon’s that we have been hearing about. The new myTouch will also support T-Mobile’s 3G and 4G networks, HSPA+, which is fast, but technically not a true “4G” network. This may be an attempt for T-Mobile to differentiate themselves from the other big two carriers in the US.

Of course there are other features such as a new improved “Genius Button” and something called “Screen Share” which allows viewing of your video and photos on an HD screen. So, the MTHD is looking mighty fine over there on the Nation’s 4th-place network and may be part of T-Mobile’s strategy to bring strong phones in their lineup the same that Sprint has with the EVO and the EPIC.

Via [TmoNews]