ProOnGo tracks receipts and organizes expense reports [App Reviews]

September 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Dinner’s over and you just spent $80 entertaining potential clients. You could wait until getting home before submitting the bill to an expense report, or you could just take out your Android phone and take care of things right away.

ProOnGo Expense is an Android app designed for professionals on the go. (See what they did there?) ProOnGo is an easy solution for people who need to track expenses on their phone. Users can enter in the details of each meal, product, or expansible purchase and have it stored in the application. ProOnGo will track details for amount, purchase time, descriptions, categories, and the client associated with the expense. It can then snap a photo of a receipt and have it track the expenses online (pro account required).

Data stored on ProOnGo is accessible in multiple ways. Expenses can be exported Excel, QuickBooks, an online account, or emailed to a supervisor or client. Using this feature requires a paid ProOnGo account that costs $0.99 per month. For $2.99, users can scan up to 30 receipts or business cards; $4.99 will get up to 50 receipts/cards.

There’s no point in using ProOnGo Expense unless you’re willing to sign-up for one of these accounts. Exporting is available only to pro customers and that’s that the entire point of using ProOnGo. However, if you work at a job where you can submit expense reports, $0.99-$4.99 should be manageable. ProOnGo is ideal for people who want to immediately track expenses to ensure prompt submission and storage.


  • Track expenses by entering information or photographing receipts
  • Export to email, Excel, or QuickBooks


  • Pretty useless unless purchasing a pro account

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