New HTC Sense is already being ported to other HTC devices; UPDATE: ROM for Motorola Milestone now available

September 19, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

Android Hacks, HTC

HTC Desire HD

Good news for all those who hoped for a quick port of the new HTC Sense interface to other HTC handsets: the ROM from the just-announced HTC Desire HD got dumped a few days ago courtesy of xda member dealer75, and the go-getting developer community has wasted no time getting it to run on other hardware. The Windows Mobile powered HD2 has already gotten an early port, which makes sense considering the two devices have a similar spec list.

Other handsets that are likely to soon receive custom ROMs with the new HTC Sense goodness built-in are the original Desire, the Evo 4G and Droid Incredible. The links point to the corresponding Android development threads at the xda forum for those phones. If you have a rooted HTC device, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on these sections if you’re eager to try out the new Sense UI yourself.

Thanks to HTC’s new Fast Boot, the Desire HD starts ridiculously fast – in merely seconds, but whether this is due to a hardware feature, software enhancements or both, is still unclear. Hopefully phones running Desire HD ports at least will see some Fast Boot benefits. A few of the things we can expect in the HTC Desire HD ports:

  • HTC Sense in landscape mode
  • Recent apps listed in the notification bar
  • Additional camera options and effects
  • An improved YouTube player
  • Probably a lot more…

Update: Wow, the devs move fast – a ROM featuring the new HTC Sense UI is already available for the Motorola Droid/Milestone. Wonder which device is next in line?

Via [xda-developers, Engadget]