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Motorola diversifies by purchasing location-aware app Aloqa

September 16, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Today, Motorola purchased Aloqa, a location-aware recommendation app for Android. With Aloqa just passing one million users in the last few days, it’s no wonder that Motorola would want to get in the game of location aware services, especially when they are being used so much on their handsets.

Aloqa is a location-aware app that allows the user to set up channels of the type of information and businesses that they are interested in. The app uses the device’s location and provides the user with aggregated suggestions of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, stores, etc. that they may be interested in. Aloqa also recently launched a “Wall” feature where users close by can post status updates or even pictures.

Motorola is adding Aloqa to their mobile application properties because location based data is only going to get more and more popular as new smartphone users enter the market. Moto wants to add this to their mobile strategy by using Aloqa’s technologies to provide a “context delivery architecture” within Motoblur (Motorola’s custom UI that sits on top of Android). This may mean a way for your phone to change user settings based on your location or some other type of context. This could help Moto differentiate themselves with Motoblur, especially as the Motorblur line and brand still seems very unfocused. Hopefully Aloqa can be used and built upon to add custom location-based features to Moto handsets.

Aloqa also let their users know that they are committed to them and that their service will only be improved after being purchased by the mobile giant.