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Logitech Harmony Remote app hits Android Market (for invited testers only)

September 18, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Google TV, Multimedia


Is Google TV is closer than we think? While on the prowl for some new Android apps to review, I came across the “Remote” Android app attributed to Logitech. The application is listed as “invitation only” and will not work unless the user is an authorized tester. Sadly, I am not one of those people and lack the necessary hardware to put it to use anyway; but it’s still good to see the Harmony Remote out there.

Logitech will be the first manufacturer to deliver a Google TV product through its Revue set-top box. It’s likely that this Harmony Remote will be an app used to control the box that is currently in beta testing. In June, Logitech revealed that the Harmony app it released would control Revue and other non-GoogleTV entertainment devices capable of receiving Infared (IR) commands. That blog post promised to turn Android devices into a sophisticated and unified control center for entertainment needs.

The Harmony Remote app has been downloaded more than 1,000 times from the Android Market, though I’m sure plenty of those people are giddy fools, present company included, who don’t pay attention to the app clearly stating it only works for invited testers. (By the way, any of you authorized testers are more than welcome to send your impressions on over about the remote or Google TV).

The Logitech Revue is believed to go on sale this month or next. Some rumors peg the launch date at September 29 but it could also be October 17.