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LCD Density Changer super-sizes your screen (Root only)

September 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



It’s not enough for some people to have large screens; some want to pack in a few extra pixels and expand their viewing space even further.

LCD Density Changer can increase how much space is available on the phone by altering the density of the screen (root required). By changing the compression settings, the app creates an artificially high-resolution setting. In layman’s terms, LCD Density stretches a phone’s screen to create more room.

Lowering the density value will then expand the screen, allowing text to appear longer and not have to scroll or wrap as soon. It also increases spacing between home screen icons, which might come in handy if someone uses Multicon Widget or ADW Launcher’s columns change to pack in more shortcuts.

Be warned that LCD Density Changer may make the display look awkward or even create problems with certain apps/functions. It is advised that users create a Nandroid backup before installing the app and be ready to go back to the last known working conditions if problems arise.

Here are some comparison shots that show how LCD Density Changer affects the Android display.

Notice that top image, without LCD Density applied, fits only five columns while the bottom portion with density applied fits six .

Text in the Android Market is able to display without having to wrap lines around. This makes it possible to see the full app title and see more titles.

ADW Launcher allows users to create 5 home screen columns rather than the standard 4. The right side with density altered creates an effect that shows smaller looking images with better space distribution.

You get the point by now, I’m sure. More lines, wider space, and more information.

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