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HuddleHub controls fantasy football on ESPN and Yahoo! [VIDEO]

September 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Yahoo! did it and then ESPN did it, too. Now HuddleHub has emerged as the Android app that will hopefully meet the needs of users of both fantasy football services.

HuddleHub just launched in the Android Market, bringing with it the ability to manage fantasy football franchises in leagues run through or After registering for a HuddleHub account, users connect their accounts on the other sites and are then able to monitor their squad. The app doesn’t yet allow for starting/benching players, but that feature will be available by Thursday’s kick-off according to statements made to us by the HuddleHub developers.

The Yahoo! and ESPN apps have the advantage of being better polished and containing more information respectively. However, HuddleHub still proves useful to people who participate in multiple leagues. I can just as easily manage the Plaxico Pirates (Yahoo!) as I can manage the Chris Handsomes (ESPN) in one app. And I don’t have to pay $5 to do it.

Here’s a quick video showing what HuddleHub looks like. Register for an account and download it from the Android Market now.

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