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HTC’s slider world-phone shows itself to the FCC in all its red and black glory

September 6, 2010 | by Chris Smith

HTC, Verizon


We reported about the HTC landscape-slider that was rumored to be coming to Verizon sometime at the end of the year. Well, thanks to a bunch of high-quality FCC photos we get to see the new world-phone once again and boy, does that keyboard look nice.

The new HTC slider is considered to be a “world-phone” because it supports Verizon CDMA, EV-DO Rev. A, and GSM 850 bands, effectively allowing it to work just about anywhere in the world. So, users will be able to take advantage of Big Red’s built up network here in the States as well as piggybacking off of some regional and national, partnered GSM carriers anywhere overseas. The HTC device is also rumored to have a 4-inch capacitive screen, Bluetooth, and WiFi. There was some talk in the past of a ‘suped-up 1.2/1.3 Ghz processor, but there is still no exact word on that.

It’s interesting to see that Verizon and HTC are created a phone of this caliber as it will probably be marketed to “business types” as a phone that you can take anywhere around the world. To be honest, its about time. Blackberry has been the leader in this type of market and it’s good to see HTC created something compelling to hit this niche. Now just give us a portrait keyboard, HTC!

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