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How to make the Samsung Fascinate more Google, less Bing

September 13, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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So you were thrilled to finally get the Samsung Fascinate and have some Galaxy S goodness on Verizon. I bet the excitement level dropped a little bit when you discovered that the Fascinate comes pre-Binged out with no sign of Google Maps or Search.

Did you really expect the Android folks let a pesky little thing like carrier intentions get in the way of people tinkering the phone to their liking? Of course not. A few folks over at AndroidCentral got together and managed to re-Googleify the Fascinate. By installing Google Maps from the Market, loading an apk onto the phone, and changing a few things around, Fascinate users will be able to get most of the Google Experience back on their phone. Those who opt to root the Fascinate will get even more functionality.

Much has been said about Verizon opting to use Bing instead of Google but the Froyo update will bring the option to switch to your search provider of choice. Good thing you don’t have to wait.

Head over to for a walkthrough on how to set things up.