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Yast tracks phone calls for easy invoicing [App Reviews]

August 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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yast android call logs

Time is money, so monitoring your interaction shouldn’t take up much of either. Yast is a service designed to keep tabs on how often and how long someone spends speaking to clients, making it a great tool for anyone with billable hours.

Lawyers, advisers, tech consultants, and other professionals who bill for telephone calls can use Yast, an app for Android that makes it a breeze to track time on the phone. When enabled, Yast begins recording the duration of an incoming or outgoing call. After the conversation ends, users can assign that call to a project or person, and it is saved to a log viewable at The website then shows a detailed record of conversations, which provides detailed records of time employees/professionals spend speaking with clients on their mobile phones. If a client speaks to different employees, Yast can compile all dealings with that person into one place thanks to the Share function, allowing accurate and comprehensive monitoring.

Yast costs $5 per month if in the United States or €4 if in Europe. That will earn users project sharing, no ads, exporting to Excel or CSV, SSL, and email support. I toyed with the service for two weeks and found that all of these features work without issue. It was easier to have the data exportable and compiled automatically rather than manually creating documents to invoice calls. As someone who frequently wipes his phone, it was also very convenient to have a cloud-based backup of conversations organized by project or client.

I’m not a fan of being able to view logs only at; however, logs will eventually be accessible within the app, so this is just a temporary shortcoming. Yast is a solid invoicing and communication tool that some users may find useful. Before you fork over the monthly membership fee, visit for a 30 day trial and see for yourself.


  • Round-up intervals from 6 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and more
  • Export logs to PDF or Excel
  • Share calls with fellow employees
  • Smart selection to not log calls with personal contacts

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P.S. Here’s a note from Yast’s developers about another upcoming feature:

Some extra info: We´ve had a coupple of feedbacks that the app suddenly closes with no warning. We identified the problem and are doing some “under the hood” changes that will not only make it work better, but will also stack conversation data in offline mode. Meaning, if you have a call, but can not access internet. The app will wait and send info on all calls next it synchronizes. Expect that update to be out somewhere within one or two weeks.