XO Skins provides thin but strong protection for your phone [Accessory Reviews]

August 2, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Protecting a phone from scratches and scuff marks is a priority for many, but some people don’t like the bulk or unnatural feel that comes when using many of today’s modern smartphone cases. Anyone looking for added protection without added size ought to consider XO Skins.

XO Skins provides cases that are thin but durable. The material offers a tight fit that prevents scratches and is thin enough to make your phone fit comfortably in a docking station. The best thing about XO is that it feels good. I initially installed the anti-glare screen protector sold by Sprint but removed it because I did not like the way the material felt on my thumb. The XO Skin for my EVO 4G is the complete opposite; my thumb glides across the screen and feels perfectly normal. I would prefer the back of the skin have a little more grip, but it’s tolerable.

Once on the phone, XO Skin does a great job of protecting your device. The material doesn’t add any bulk or residue, so your phone still looks good. While others may choose to perform stress tests with knives, I opted to use the real world tests of seeing how XO performed in my day-to-day travels. Despite dropping out of my pocket onto cement, grazing my keys, and nicking the edges of my night table as I swatted the phone to stop the alarm, my EVO held up nicely.

My only complaint with XO is the same complaint I have for most protective skins: installation. Despite following directions to the letter, I was unable to get out all of the air bubbles on the skin. I’m convinced this has more to do with my poor installation skills since this a problem I commonly have, so get someone to install it for you if you typically have trouble applying protective skins.

When I removed the protective layer after a month of use, my EVO was as pristine as the day I bought it. XO Skins is one of the better phone skins that I’ve used and one of the few that I recommend.

XO Skins :: HTC EVO 4G Skin Protection

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