Wordfeud Free brings a multi-game Scrabble clone to Android [Game Reviews]

August 13, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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One of the hottest games on the iOS platform right now is Words with Friends, mostly because of the interaction with people you know and the ability to play a long-term game of scrabble with them. Social gaming is very popular and for good reason. It isn’t everyday you can make fun of Andrew and say that he has a limited vocabulary. Well, we Android users have yet to get a decent clone of the game but Wordfeud Free is one that mostly hits all the right notes.

When starting up the app you can create an account based on your email address. After the very brief registration (used for friends to find you and play against you) you are presented with a screen where you can start a new game. Clicking on the ‘plus’ button in the top right corner will take you to the New Game screen where you choose what dictionary you want as well as what board you want to use. You can then either choose to play with a friend (choose them from your contact list) or find some random opponent. After that it is pretty self explanatory — it’s just a regular game of turn-based Scrabble.

Some of the extra features are the ability to set a profile image, chat with your opponents, and allow for push notification of messages or when your turn has come up. One of the greatest “features” of Wordfeud Free is it’s simplicity. It really is just a simple Scrabble game with friends.

There is only one annoyance that I have to speak as it’s a deal breaker; the fact that after almost every turn you are forced to look at a full-screen add and have to choose to skip it to get back to the game. I understand that developers need to make money, but ads need to be used effectively and not get in the users way. Personally, this makes Wordfeud Free not playable for very long. It’s kind of a shame because the game works very well. They could easily fix this by taking the full-screen ad away or even offering a paid version that removes all ads.


  • Simple game play against multiple players
  • Easy registration (email only)
  • Gameplay with multiple players at once (20 games at a time), random people or friends you invite
  • Chat function
  • Smooth Gameplay


  • Users are forced to look at adds after almost every turn; no way to turn this off and have to skip the ad

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