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Vonage Mobile now making free calls between Facebook friends

August 4, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Vonage, known best for making long distance calls cheap through VoIP, has added another option for keeping up with friends. Today it released a new Vonage Mobile App for Facebook app that sets-up free voice calls between Facebook friends.

Vonage Mobile works on 3G/4G or WiFi in the United States and when traveling abroad, but standard carrier charges will apply (it uses your minutes if on 3G and roaming charges could apply if you’re not on WiFi). It taps into your Facebook friends list, allowing easy calling without remembering phone numbers. It also works on multiple platforms thanks to the app debuting on both Android and iPhone today.

Facebook friends must have Vonage Mobile App for Facebook installed on their phone to make calls (the app has a built-in invite system), so save some money and make calls to your buddies.

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