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Vlingo makes its voice search and command app free to compete with Google Voice Actions

August 12, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Vlingo has earned praise for its app that performs voice search and voice commands on Android phones. The product is great, but at $9.99, it’s not going to be easy for them to compete with that other voice command app announced today.

In response to the announcement of Google Voice Actions, Vlingo has decided to drop the price of its premium app to the same cost of Voice Actions – nothing. Android users are now “free to compare,” as the company said, giving people more options to voice dial, send SMS, use speech-to-text, and more.

Vlingo sees the writing on the wall and has opted to make its app free as a way to get in the hands of more potential users. The company argues that it has features that Voice Action currently lacks or doesn’t perform as well; Vlingo probably sees this as a necessary step to build its brand and adopt a new business model. Download from the Android Market and see for yourself if this stacks up to Voice Actions.

Our current Android product leverages Facebook and Twitter for example (and here’s a hint—look for more such mash ups coming out very soon in our Vlingo for Android product). And of course we also have other features not yet present in Voice Actions, such as our SafeReader feature that reads your incoming text and email messages to you.

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