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This is Beejive for Android [Video]

August 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



The beta application for Beejive is going out to more users right now. Though it was originally intended for only 400 people, Beejive has since expanded that testing group to include more Android users who previously requested access to the instant messaging app.

Beejive is a multi-platform instant messaging application that allows people to keep in touch with friends no matter what method they choose (provided you also have an account registered with that service). Rather than require downloading multiple chat apps for AIM, Facebook, MSN, et al., Beejive integrates all of your chat accounts into one convenient place.

The Android beta attracted quite a bit of attention, so I figured that you all might want to at least know what it looks like. The app supports sending voice notes, sending files, sending to the Android “share” function, and sending instant messages, of course. There’s a whole lot of sending going on.

UPDATE: I assumed this was a closed beta but the download link is being passed around like a a cigarette, so Download and enjoy. Here’s a tutorial for how to install an APK if you’ve never done it.