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Steve Ballmer: Windows should be able to crush Android tablets

August 2, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is up to his old tricks again when discussing Android tablets. Known for dismissing rivals in early stages and watching them later rise to eat away at Microsoft’s market share, Ballmer is once again implying that his company’s effort should easily surpass that of the competition.

When discussing tablets with analysts last week, Ballmer made the following comment, according to Business Insider:

“If with the application base, with the tools that we have, with the user understanding and momentum and everything going on, we can’t compete with…whatever the weird collection of Android machines is going to look like, shame on us.”

In a sad state of affairs, Ballmer is actually right to make these comments. Android has been promised tablets for quite some time, only to be given vaporware and junk. Look how excited people were to see the $150 tablet from a company no one heard about until last week. The Windows tablet experience isn’t the greatest in the world, but it’s more capable than anything we’ve seen from Android (so far). If a company as big as Microsoft can’t beat that, they’re in serious trouble.

However, it’s good to hear Ballmer downing Android as a tablet OS. History has indicated that things he trash tend to do fairly well. We all remember how Ballmer dismissed the iPhone for it’s expensive cost and lack of a physical keyboard; he also questioned Google’s strategy and said Android wouldn’t be a competitor to Windows Mobile.

Hmm. Maybe these upcoming Android tablets won’t be so bad after all.