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Spice Up Your Homescreen with 10 Free Standalone Widgets

August 7, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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10 free Android widgets

As you may have noticed, the best widgets for Android are usually included with quality applications with the purpose of extending the app’s functionality. There are of course great standalone widgets, like Pure Messenger, SwitchPro and Beautiful Widgets, but they will set you back a few bucks. Nevertheless, there are plenty of cool widgets in the Market that don’t cost a thing as well: here are 10 of them.

Calendar Widgets

Agenda Widget will show an agenda based on the calendars of your choice, and the widget is very customizable. It’s also one of the most stylish calendar widgets that I have come across. A downside in my book, however, is that Agenda pollutes your list of widgets by creating a separate entry for each of its sizes; instead of letting you choose the size once you tap on the icon. I hope more widget developers will implement the “HTC Sense” solution later on.

CalWidget is a calendar widget that we reviewed back in June, and it comes in many different sizes. CalWidget is popular in the Market, has loads of downloads and it works as advertised – but it’s not particularly pretty.


Countdown Widget simply shows the number of days left to an event that you look forward to (or dread). It may sound basic, but I can think of times when I would find this useful.

Countdown Widget

System Widgets

Data Counter Widget will keep track of the network traffic on your device, which may come in handy, especially if you don’t have an unlimited data plan.

Data Counter Widget

Internal Phone Storage Widget tells you how much precious internal memory you got left. It’s particularly useful for those who haven’t got the Froyo update with Apps2SD yet.

Internal Phone Storage Widget

Launch-X is a dock where you can put shortcuts to apps, contacts and bookmarks for quick access. It will only use a single row (4×1), but since the widget is scrollable, you can fit quite a lot in there and free up space on your homescreen.

Battery Left Widget (reviewed in June) is one of the top three battery widgets for Android. They all show a battery meter, but this one has its own approach: it tries to estimate how much time you got left before you run out of juice. Two similar widgets are BatteryLife and Battery Widget.

Battery Left Widget

Clock Widgets

Analog Clock Collection brings more than 30 different analog clocks to your phone. All the clock widgets have a 2×2 size, and some of them are actually quite stylish. If you enjoy the look and feel of analog clocks on your Android, I highly recommend that you give Analog Clock Collection a try. And hats off to the developer for not making a mess of your widget list: you just select Analog Clock Collection, and then you get to choose from the different clock styles.

Analog Clock Collection

Digital World Clock Widget. If you ever need to know what time it is in another part of the world, this widget is the way to roll. If you use the retro clock theme, it looks great as well.

Digital World Clock Widget

News Widgets

Mobile Buzz Widget is released by news aggregators, and it will bring the latest smartphone news directly to your homescreen. If you click on an item, the widget will show you the full article. Mippin has other news widgets on different topics in the Market as well, such as Tech Buzz, Gaming Buzz and Movie Buzz.

Mobile Buzz Widget