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Privacy Star keeps annoying folks off your Android phone. Win a FREE copy [CONTESTS]

August 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



I don’t know who had my number before I inherited it back in 2008, but he or she ran afoul of some very persistent Spanish-language telemarketers. I randomly get calls from numbers I’m unfamiliar with and wish I could ignore them, but my line of work doesn’t really gel with the act of hanging up on people without hearing what they have to say first.

Privacy Star is an Android 1.6+ app that can help cut down on the time smartphone users have to interact with undesired phone calls. Previously seen on BlackBerry, Privacy Star is available on Android, offering the same opportunity to block unwanted calls, see caller ID for unknown callers, and report annoying telemarketers who violate the Do Not Call list. It can also block numbers so you don’t hear from that particular person again.

There is a 7-day trial of PrivacyStar available in the Android Market, but it costs $2.99 per month to continue using the service once the trial expires. As luck would have it, PrivacyStar has agreed to give away four subscriptions to our readers. Three people will get a free 3-month subscription to Privacy Star, and one person will get to experience the service for 1 entire year for the low, low price of $0.00.

What you do you have to do enter? Simple. Just try the app and leave a comment in this article. We will return to this thread in 7 days and randomly select four people to win the prize.

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