PMF v2.1 is a “no-frills” Android 2.2 stock ROM for DROID Incredible [ROM Reviews]

August 2, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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So, you have a newly rooted DROID Incredible with the help of the new unrEVOked tool and you want to know what’s next? Over at the Increidble forums at you can get your hands on some pretty decent ROMs and load them up till your heart’s delight. Today we are going to take a look at one of the finer ROMs, pmf v2.1.

Pmf is based on the Android 2.2 “leaked stock” ROM that ships with the Incredible but with some much needed tweaks. You will first notice how the Sense UI has been mostly removed except for the general apps like people, phone, messaging, email (not Gmail), and the tweaked browser. Mostly, the ROM works well, but of course as it is based on the leaked 2.2 ROM for the Incredible it comes with most of the same bugs that this ROM has. At the time of this writing not everything is fixed, but the latest version does have some fixes.

The ROM comes with LauncherPro, one of the best Android home replacements that exists. I think that LauncherPro was a great pick, but if you want the default Android 2.2 launcher that can be arranged. The performance of the ROM is good but there is a significant slowdown when running heavy multiple apps as well as live wallpapers. This deosn’t have too much to do with this custom ROM, but more to do with the fact that the leaked 2.2 seems not to have been “perfected” yet.

One of the more major problems is that MMS doesn’t work in the stock messaging app. Luckily a quick install of Handcent SMS fixes this problem as well as arguably makes messaging better. The latest forum posting does reflect the stock messaging issue, but the developer chose not to add Handcent or Chomp leaving it up to the user. Also, the Music app doesn’t work in the background. Yeah it’s bad. You can download a music app and fix it, but it is an inconvenient solution.

Of course you get all the added goodies of 2.2 like Chrome to Phone, the HTC Flashlight, Places, new and improved Search app, Market Widget, and Android News and Weather widgets. Many of the HTC apps like Peep, Footprints, News Reader, etc. as well as any Verizon apps have been removed. If you are looking for Sense or what HTC wants Android to look like, this is NOT the ROM for you.


  • most everything HTC Sense has been removed
  • LauncherPro packaged as default launcher
  • new 2.2 apps and widgets
  • reliable, speedy performance


  • MMS doesn’t work (can be fixed with messaging replacement)
  • Music App doesn’t work (can be fixed with music replacement)
  • slows down under heavy app load

ROM: pmf v2.1