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PicMe sends live Android screenshots to your desktop (root only)

August 23, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



ShootMe is a great app if you’re trying to take screenshots on your rooted Android phone. Shake the phone, take a picture, and mount your SD card to transfer it onto the computer. That’s simple enough, but there’s another way to take screenshots without ever leaving the browser.

PicMeis a screen grabber developed by Johan Cloetens, the same person who developed ShootMe. The difference is that when PicMe launches, users see a URL that they can visit to see the latest snapshot of their phone. The website displays a screenshot of the user’s phone directly on the web, allowing them to Right-click > “Save As” the image and not have to mount their SD card or send to the cloud.

A bonus to PicMe is that it can actually control the phone from the web.  In the “Live” view on your PicMe website, users can click on icons to launch apps, open the settings menu, or even get a delayed look of the camera sent directly to the web. The functionality and practicality of this feature is rather limited, but it’s fun to play around with for now and could develop into something special.

Your phone must be rooted in order for PicMe to work.

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