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HTC releases Android 2.2 source code for EVO 4G, Incredible, Aria, and Wildfire — geeks rejoice

August 11, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Modders and ROM developers are about to bury themselves in source code today and will chug six packs of Red Bull to stay up late into the night hacking away. HTC has released their valuable Android 2.2 source code for the EVO 4G, DROID Incredible, Aria, and Wildfire today allowing programmers and enthusiasts to get their hands dirty with code.

This is a pretty standard thing, as the Android operating system is open source and anything developed in conjunction with it has to be made available to the public. What’s funny about this release of code is that HTC has basically preempted all carriers except for Sprint as the Aria, Incredible, and Wildfire have yet to see the “official” release of Android 2.2. This confirms that it is the carriers that have slowed down the upgrade process on their devices making options like rooting and modding so popular. Even with the slow down, this release shows that the carriers are getting ready for the “official” releases.

The release of the Android 2.2 source for HTC devices is going to prove to be an awesome edition to what modders have already gained from earlier ROM leaks. So, keep your eyes out for some new ROMs over at xda-developers and other modding sites as it is about to get crazy out there!

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Source [HTC]