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Froyo update kills Android task killer apps

August 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android device owners who have become fond of task killers have recently discovered that those apps are no longer working since their phones have been updated to Android 2.2. (Froyo). Though users have attempted to forcefully shut down apps and services using popular third-party apps, they soon discover that those apps reappear in the list of running applications almost instantly.

The reason for the sudden collapse is that Froyo kills task killer applications. The latest version of Android doesn’t include the features that third-party developers previously used to shut down applications. Comments in the Android Market listing for several task killer apps feature complaints from users saying that the app suddenly stops working once they update to Froyo. A quick Google search revealed plenty of people complaining in forums across the web.

Task killers have long been a crutch for users to forcefully shut down applications and “free up memory” to conserve battery life and space. However, that’s a common misconception buoyed by old Android flaws and the power of the placebo effect. Task killers actually get in the way of Android handling memory management as intended. We’ve already written an article on why you should not be using a task killer, so read that post for more information.

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