First custom ROM hits the DROID X

August 30, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Android Hacks, ROMs


We’ve seen that the DROID X has been able to be rooted, even though people said it couldn’t be done. Now the DROID X has its first custom ROM available via ROM Manager for rooted devices.

If you have the leaked 2.2 ROM (you know, the one that was taken down by cease and desist from Moto), a rooted DROID X, and DROID X bootstrap you can go on and download and install the first custom ROM available from ROM Manager. The ROM is the FlyX ROM created/cooked by Birdman, a poplular ROM developer, and includes some enhancements while getting rid of some of the bloatware that came with the X.

Please note a couple of things before you go out and customized your DROID X. Any of this “hacking” etc. will void your warranty, so if anything bad happens in the process you might be out the total $569.99 for full retail on the X. If the DROID X is anything like the original DROID, making your phone unusable from hacking or modding (aka “bricking”) may be a difficult task with Moto building in some failsafes. So, I wouldn’t say that the risk is too high to install the ROM but it’s always important to be well aware of the potential.

You can find the full instructions over at Droid-Life. So, if you get a chance to MOD your DROID X with this ROM let us no how it goes.

Via [DROID-Life]