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Android’s #1, but what are the Top 5 Android Phones?

August 4, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Earlier this week, market analysis firm Canalys reported that Android has increased phone shipments 886% since Q2 2009. Nielsen then jumped in saying that Android has the top market share among new cell phone purchases, beating the iPhone 27 percent to 23 percent.

Now, there’s another group of analysts throwing around marketing terms and numbers, saying that Android is the leading operating system on handsets sold in the United States. According to the NPD Group, Android has raced to the head of the pack of phones sold in Q2 2010, accounting for 33 percent of new smartphone purchases; Blackberry (28) and iPhone (22) placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

That’s rapid growth considering that the T-Mobile G1 debuted in October 2008. And how did Android mature that quickly? According to market research firm The NPD Group, with these top Android phones sold in Q2 2010.

1. Motorola Droid

2. HTC Droid Incredible


4. HTC Hero

5. HTC Droid Eris

These are estimates rather than exact figures, but I’m impressed that the Motorola Droid is still performing well enough to outpace new phones like the Droid Incredible and EVO 4G. And not surprisingly, HTC accounts for 4/5 top phones in the U.S. That’s dentist-level approval.

Android may not be on top forever. Here’s a statement from NPD on these numbers:

“For the second consecutive quarter, Android handsets have shown strong but slowing sell-through market share gains among U.S. consumers,” said Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis for NPD. “While the Google-developed OS took market share from RIM, Apple’s iOS saw a small gain this quarter on the strength of the iPhone 4 launch.”