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Android Apps Alert #29: Geckos, Googles, and Games

August 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Every week, attempts to highlight the best Android Apps. Using tips from the #androidapps tag on Twitter and recommendations to @androinica, we try to find something you may have missed. This week’s theme is gecko, goggles, and games. We’ve got apps for fun, insurance, and some new stuff from Google.

You may also notice there are no QR codes in this edition of Apps Alert. While I’m sure you love them, we wanted to remind you that AppBrain has added a great new way to install applications directly from the web or link to the Android Market page if browsing from a phone. This will be a much easier way for me to share links with you all. Find out more information here.


The world’s most famous green gecko has landed on Android. The GEICO Globebox App delivers a handy tool to keep track of important information related to your insurance and automobile. Even if you aren’t a GEICO customer, you may find the app useful due to its auto how-top’s, videos, and taxi services. Customers get the benefit of Roadside Assistance, Accident Helper, and Bill Pay. Interested parties can even get a quote from directly within the app.

Multicon Widgets

In the last edition of Apps Alert, we highlighted an app called Launch-X that maximizes the space of your home screen icons. Multicon Widgets takes a similar approach by packing 4 icons into a space usually populated by only one. This makes it possible to add 64 icons to a screen rather than 16. That’s way too many for more people, but I’m sure more than enough people will be pleased to jam-pack the space. Multicon widget is also surprisingly accurate so you won’t have to worry about errant app launches.


Hungry? Me, too, so let’s load Poynt and try to locate a good restaurant in the area. But this is NOT just another food finder. Poynt also delivers restaurant reservations, gas station prices, movie show times and tickets, and connect with people you know. Instead of just finding locations, Poynt finds information that makes results more relevant and useful to you.

Crush the Castle ($0.99)

Armor Games and Namco have delivered Crush the Castle for people who enjoy tearing down kingdoms to build empires. Players take on the role of a general tasked by his king to attack other kingdoms using a catapult to literally crush the castle. Hold down to launch a projectile and tap the screen to release and collapse pillars to crush soldiers and the king. Players earn more points the more efficient the attack, so angle your assault correctly.

Wordfeud Free

Word freaks waiting on Android to get its own Scrabble clone will be pleased to know about Wordfeud. Now they can dust off their dictionaries and take on their friends in a competitive word battle. Wordfeud is turn-based and long-term, so you’ll have plenty of time to use tiles of letters to spell words. There some annoying ads, but the “Free” part of the title makes me hope that a paid version will soon emerge.

Recommended by: sweeterskins Hit me on Wordfeud: punyweakling #androidapps

Chrome to Phone

We’ve written several times about Chrome to Phone, an Android app and Chrome extension that pushes links from the Chrome browser to your phone. Now that great deal of users are running Froyo and Google has uploaded the app to the Android Market, we can remind you once again that CtoP is awesome.


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