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Adobe shows off Flash for GoogleTV

August 17, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The rollout to GoogleTV is getting closer with each day, so it’s nice to see more product demo’s start to emerge from the camps of companies involved in the Android-based television product. Adobe has been showing off how Flash integrates with GoogleTV, and the results seem encouraging.

Flash is most known for its video capabilities, accounting for the vast majority of video streamed on the net. This makes it very important to the Google TV strategy since it needs to access web video for the strategy to work. Flash seems to handle that well. Broadcast-quality television is available through Flash, and the various forms of media content and standard controls available on news sources are available on your TV.

The other reason Flash is so ubiquitous on the web is its presence as a gaming delivery method. GoogleTV will include Flash-based games using TV controls. Play Facebook or Seasame Street games on your TV? Yup. Here’s a video demonstration from yesterday’s Flash Summit, courtesy of