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Yahoo! debuts Mail, Messenger, and Search Android 2.0+ apps

July 1, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Those sporting an Android phone and a love for all things Yahoo! should be happy to see this — Yahoo! has announced the availability of a few new goodies including a Mail app, Messenger app and Search widget.

For the most part these are all pretty much what you would expect. The widget, well, its a home screen widget that will allow you to quickly and easily search Yahoo! And similar to other search widgets, the Yahoo! widget will allow you to search with text or voice and update the results as you type (or speak).

Moving on to the Mail app. Again, this one does what you would expect in that you can check, read, send and organize your Yahoo! mail from your phone. The mail app includes access to your Yahoo! address book and lets you compose in rich text with “many Yahoo! emoticons.”

The Messenger app will allow you to send messages, read messages, send photos and more to your Yahoo!/MSN/Windows Live Messenger friends. And as you would expect with Android, the app is designed to run in the background, that way you can stay connected easier.

Finally, both apps and the widget are available “globally” though its worth pointing out that they require Android 2.0 or later. And just like that, Yahoo! users now have proper apps.

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