Want to put widgets in your lockscreen? Get Widget Locker [Video App Reviews]

July 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Third-party widgets have become a staple of what makes Android great, but few are accessible outside of the homescreen. WidgetLocker is a 99-cent Android 2.1+ app that frees your widgets from the homescreen. Once liberated, those features are also available in the lockscreen.

Widget Locker is a simple application that increases availability to widgets, shortcuts, and anything else that can appear on the homescreen. But rather than require users to swipe down and navigate to the homescreen to use them, those shortcuts are accessible directly in the lockscreen.

If you use the HTC Sense UI music player, you’re already familiar with how you convenient it is to quickly control playback without having to swipe down on the lockscreen and use a widget or open the app. But what about the apps other than HTC Sense or MixZing that don’t include lockscreen support? That’s where Widget Locker comes in. It offers a lockscreen replacement that removes steps when you just need to perform simple tasks.

Here’s a quick video demonstration of WidgetLocker.


  • Adds any widget or shortcut to the lockscreen
  • Easy-wake option can wake phone using trackball or camera/volume buttons


  • Only works on Android 2.1 or higher

App: WidgetLocker LockScreen

Price: $0.99


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