Updated: Stock Android 2.2 with Sense leaked and fully functional for DROID Incredible

July 28, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Android 2.2 with Sense Leaked for Verizon's HTC DROID INCREDIBLE

If you DROID Incredible users have been waiting patiently for a 2.2 Android update, especially one that works, it looks like your wait may be over. That is if you have the latest leaked baseband update and are rooted. At 1:30AM this morning a post went up on the xda-developers forum presenting stock Android 2.2 with Sense for the DROID Incredible.

The process to install it is pretty simple, or so it seems. If you have a rooted Incredible you must flash to stock 2.1, update your baseband, root with the new-fandangled unrEVOked3 tool, and then install the leaked ROM. After taking a quick look at the 50 or so pages of forum posts it doesn’t look like anyone is having too many problems with the process. So far the ROM is noted to be fully functional (as in even the Camera) and there seems to be little complaints.

I am in the process of flashing now and will update to let you guys know how things went. Has anyone else gotten this to work?

Update: I’ve got the new Android 2.2 ROM loaded on my Incredible and I have to say that it runs smoothly. One small thing I have noticed is that the homescreens and HTC’s “card” effect do not run as well as they did in the official 2.1 ROM, so this makes me think that this isn’t a final build. Other than that there are a BUNCH of goodies in this new ROM as well as the added features of Android 2.2. Keep a look out here for more information about this ROM.

Via [xda-developers]

Android 2.2 with Sense Leaked for Verizon's HTC DROID INCREDIBLE