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Sibling Rivalry – HTC EVO vs. HTC Incredible: The Specs

July 7, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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This week we are going to take a look at HTC’s two latest superphones, the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC DROID Incredible. These two phones are very similar; both with Android 2.1 with Sense UI, 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 8MP Camera, and vibrant touchscreens. But there are some differences that may sway potential buyers to one or the other. Today we will look at the similarities and the difference in the specs of the of both of the superphones.

The Processor

Both phones house a 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor. That processor has built-in 3G, WiFi, and could support 720p video, a 12MP camera, high-resolution 1280×720, standalone and assisted GPS, and multiple audio codecs. Now just because the chip can support all of these excellent features doesn’t mean either takes advantage of all of them. I feel that HTC has taken the “middle-of-the-road” approach with the Snapdragon Platform allowing both devices to have some extra room for better performance.

Data Connectivity

Both the EVO and Incredible support the fastest CDMA 3G networks, with their 1XEV-DO rev. A. The EVO supports Sprint bands as the Incredible supports Verizon bands. Both perform well, but many will notice that in saturated 3G areas Verizon will have a higher data speed and throughput. This is where the EVO trumps the Incredible as it is the first 4G phone in America with WiMax support – that is if you are in a market that supports it. Although this is a selling point, especially if you are in one of the markets, you may be in for a rude awakening as many reviews and reports have suggested that Wimax really comes at the cost of battery life, with some not even being able to make it through a whole day.

Of course both the EVO and the Incredible have integrated WiFi with the EVO having a “WiFi Hotspot” feature out of the box. But, you all know with a little hacking and some help from XDA almost any late Android phone with WiFi can have that feature. In my opinion, that feature is a wash, especially since the rumoured update for the Incredible may include it.


Both the EVO and the Incredible have a nice, large 8MP camera that is capable of some pretty decent shots. Look later this week as we will have a full review of both cameras. Both have 3X digital zoom with a ton of extra settings made available from HTC. Both can shoot video as well, with the EVO being capable of 720p. The Incredible does not come with 720p out of the box, but we believe that will come soon enough as the Snapdragon can support it.

The EVO does one better in this category as it has one of the first front facing cameras available in the US. The camera is 1.3MP and is located in the front-top-right of the device. This allows users to use the app Qik that comes pre-installed for video calls. There is no extra fee for the standard feature. I think that video calling is cool, but seems still like something that isn’t as smooth as we need it to be. With more and more carriers entering the 4G realm, maybe it will break into the mainstream once it isn’t such a pain in the ass to use.


We’ll start with the EVO. The EVO hosts a 4.3″ capactive LCD display that is really quite stunning. Even at the same resolution as the Incredible (800×480 pixels) I found the EVO’s screen to be crystal clear and fluid. The color of the EVO’s screen is excellent as well, but after going from the saturated colors on the Incredible, the EVO almost looks like it is black and white at first.

The Incredible’s screen is a 3.7″ capacitive AMOLED display at 800×480 resolution. The first thing you will notice is how saturated the colors are. In a brief comparison the EVO’s screen is somewhat more clear than the Incredible’s, yet the Incredible’s color saturation truly destroys the EVO’s.

HDMI (Sorry, Incredible)

We can’t forget this one, even though the Incredible just can’t compete. The EVO 4G has the capability of outputting 720p video via the HDMI type D micro connector on the bottom of the phone next to the Micro USB charger. Most reports about performance have been generally good, but remember all this extra functionality will come at your battery cost.


If you have read the entire post than you probably have a good feeling of which superphone is going to take this round. Obviously the HTC EVO 4G has the upper hand when it comes to specs with its video calling ability and front facing camera, its convenient HDMI-out slot, and of course it being USA’s first 4G phone. So, if you are ONLY considering specs when it comes to your new superphone purchase, the EVO 4G takes the cake.

HTC EVO 4G vs. HTC Incredible Spec Comparison Graph

HTC EVO 4G vs. HTC Incredible Comparison Chart