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Seesmic Android app adds Google Buzz support

July 14, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Several months ago when Twitter decided to start dubbing and creating their own “official” Twitter applications for the iPhone and Android everyone screamed that it was the end of third-party Twitter apps and developers. Well, it appears that Seesmic has taken the lemons they’ve been given and decided to… well you know.

Today Seesmic announced that they have added support for the infamous Google Buzz to their already popular Twitter app. Of course this turns Seesmic “into one of the first social apps to implement Google Buzz to further enhance your online social experience.” Google Buzz support allows you to post new messages, see what your other contacts are talking about, and also gives you the opportunity to “like” a friends post. There is no mention of whether or not you can comment on someone posts, but without that it makes the Buzz feature not really Buzz-like. Also no word on the blog about support of multiple accounts.

It still remains to be seen whether or not Buzz is going to catch on to the “mainstream” or not after is kludgy release. But what is certain is that Seesmic is moving in the right direction. They are taking the cards that are dealt and making the decision to be not only an excellent Twiiter app, but to be a “social app” that can include any number of excellent networks. This is how strict Twitter app developers are going to make it in the post-official Twitter app world; make their apps excellent and diversify the social networks they use.

Source [Seesmic Blog]