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PSX4Droid is finally downloadable after Android Market woes

July 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News


Google does things exceptionally well. Usually.

The Android Market is not one of those exceptional cases, evidenced by the problems faced by PSX4Droid customers unable to download the app from the Android Market.

ZodTTD worked hard to develop a PlayStation emulator for Android, but he’s not reaping much of those rewards because thousands of people have been unable to download the application. According to his Twitter feed, more than 6,000 people have attempted to download PSX4Droid only to discover that Google Checkout won’t authorize the purchase. Several people have taken to the Google support forum to complain, and ZodTTD has posted in one thread to confirm that this is a widespread issue.

“I am getting 60+ emails for customer support an hour,” he says. “I’m overwhelmed.”

At the moment, the problem appears to have been fixed after reports from AndroidAndMe / Phandroid and complaints to well-placed Google members yielded a quick fix. Anyone who purchased PSX4Droid but was unable to download the app can request a refund through the Android Market. If your phone stalled at the authorization point, you probably weren’t charged (check your e-mail) so you can just cancel the transaction.

After trying for hours in vein to get it to download, I’m finally going to take the app for a spin.