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Motorola Droid X getting second OTA update before launch

July 13, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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It looks like the Droid X is in the process of getting another (second) pre-launch software update. According to the details being reported, the update will bring the software from version 1.13.516 up to 1.13.604.en.US. And yes, its still Android 2.1.

Otherwise the details are pretty much unknown as to what this update is actually updating. Though some think it may have improved the camera a bit. Of course, still being a pre-release phone its understandable that the update has been released without any sort of change log.

That said, the update must be undergoing a gradual rollout because the Droid X that I have in my hands is still saying up to date and I still have 1.13.516.

[via Android Central]