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Hackers turn Pandigital Novel from not-so-great e-reader to cheap Android tablet

July 13, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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The Pandigital Novel e-reader was released a little over a month ago and if you haven’t heard of it, it’s probably because it isn’t known as a very amazing device. Well when hackers get a hold of any device that runs Android you know that some stuff is going to go down. And that’s a positive thing.

It appears that with a little hacking (actually not even really rooting the device) the Novel can be set up to use an ulterior homescreen like Panda Home and then open applications that can be side loaded to the device. This in affect creates a relatively decent Android tablet for a low price of $179.99. Of course this trick and device is not without standard bugs that come with any hacked together effort, but it is at least a way to get a cheap Android tablet that has a lively little development community around it.

Still, the small problems that come with the hack make the device a very niche product to recommend and/or try myself. If the Novel was about 129.99 or a little lower in price, I would probably make the jump just to give it a try. Nothing like having a decent 7-inch tablet to do some testing and hacking on. Check out The Digital Reader for more information and how to do the hack yourself.

Source [The Digital Reader]