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Fring brings cross-platform 3G video-calls on iPhone 4

July 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Phones


Even though we at often make little digs at the iPhone, we’re actually very pleased to see that Fring has shed some light on the Dark Side. Fring has updated its iPhone app to open up many of the features previously blocked by Apple and AT&T’s hindrances.

Fring’s iPhone app now supports 3G video calls through Skype, meaning you’ll be able to call your iPhone 4-wielding friends using your EVO or Epic’s front-facing camera. The iPhone 4 includes a front-facing camera and video chat feature called FaceTime, but it requires Wi-Fi and only works with other iPhone users. Fring has opened those doors so users can call their buddies on Android.

I’m sure plenty of you like having a trump card in flame wars, but it’s more important to have more access to your pals, right? Take a quick look at this video demo by Fring. Then call your friends and say welcome to 2010.